Mental Calculation World Cup 2022Heinz Nixdorf

Paderborn, Germany, 15-17 July 2022

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Useful information and links for your trip to Paderborn

Covid-19 related information:

Please study the Covid-19-related entry and quarantine regulations for travelling to Germany.
When visiting the venue of the MCWC, the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) applies to persons aged 18 and over.
For 12-17 year olds, the 3G rule applies: vaccinated, recovered or tested (negative rapid test of an officially recognised test centre, which is not older than 24 hours).
A list of all  official test centres can be found here (in German). An interactive map is available here. Please note that many test centres are located in the city centre, but none in immediate proximity to the museum. Therefore, it is advisable to get a test certificate directly after arriving at the train station (for example at St. Christophorus Apotheke, located directly at the train station).
No proof is required for children under 12 years of age. Please remember to bring an identity document and proof of vaccination!

How to Reach the MCWC Location:

The MCWC contest will take place at Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF), Fürstenallee 7, Paderborn. You can get to HNF directly by public transport with bus No. 11. The bus stop is called MuseumsForum. The bus timetalbe can be found here.

Hotels in Paderborn

It is recommended to book at Welcome Hotel Paderborn which very close to HNF. If you mention the code "MCWC" when booking until 17 June you can make use of a special rate for MCWC participants (when booking by e-mail to
Of course, you can also book a hotel room in Paderborn on your own.
A full list of accommodation possibilities in Paderborn is available here. You are kindly asked to look for accommodation early enough.

How to Reach Paderborn

You can fly directly to airport Paderborn/Lippstadt (PAD). Public bus transfer is provided between Paderborn mail railway station and the airport.

If you arrive at Frankfurt airport (FRA), travelling from the airport to Paderborn by train should be easy; the airport has its own train station.
For finding a train, just enter "Frankfurt airport" as departure at If you arrive late at Frankfurt airport, it could be a good option to stay in Frankfurt for one night, for example at IntercityHotel Frankfurt Airport (directly at the airport).

If you use German Railway, please note that for most trains, you have to buy a ticket BEFORE entering a train. Buying a ticket can be done online or at a railway station. Note that you need to carry the ID card or credit card that was used for buying the online ticket.
For the trains, different prices are available. The cheapest ticket is called 9-Euro-ticket. It allows you to use all local trains, local buses and trams everywhere in Germany in the month of July. Note that those 9-Euro-tickets need to be personalized, so write down your name at the appropriate place at the ticket. If you cannot use local trains only (the railway web site will tell you what counts as a "local train"), the 9-Euro-ticket is NOT valid. In this case, I recommend to pay "Flexpreis" even if it is higher. The cheaper prizes (called "Sparpreis") are bound to a specific train. If your flight should be late, the ticket would not be valid anymore.

Additional Information for your trip to Germany:

The currency in Germany is Euro (EUR). ATM machines offer cash withdawal by credit cards and Maestro.

The German power system offers 230 V 50 Hz AC, common plugs and sockets are SchuKo (symmetrical plug with side grounding contacts), sometimes also the simpler Europlug (2-pin plug without grounding contacts). Devices designed for lower voltage levels (e.g. 110V hairdryers) require a suitable upstream transformer.

is not allowed in public rooms.

Germany is located in the CET/CEST time zone (UTC+1/+2). During MCWC, we will have UTC/GMT +2 hours.

Wi-Fi: You have free access to Wi-Fi everywhere at the HNF.

More information can be found at the Paderborn Tourist Information web site.