Quick Memory Test

Try to recall as many numbers as possible after they flashed up for a few seconds.

Please choose how many numbers will be displayed, the time in seconds and whether you want to use decimal or binary numbers.

If you press the Start! button, the numbers will be displayed.

If you want to run this script, your browser must be able to run JavaScript. This script was tested with Firefox, Netscape 3, 4, 6 and 7 (Windows, Mac and Linux), Opera 5, Konqueror 3 and Internet Explorer 4 and 5 (Windows, Mac). It also runs with Opera 3 (decimal nubers only). It does not run with Opera 4 and Konqueror 2. Please send us information about other systems and problems by e-mail to info@recordholders.org. Please take care to use enough memory cache (see your browser's preferences.)