Gero Hilliger - world's fastest character artist

In 1992, Gero Hilliger from Germany broke the world record for speed portraits for the first time. In 9.4 seconds he made a portrait of a person who was formerly unknown to him. Later he broke his own record, and he currently holds the Guinness Book record for being the fastest character artist by clompleting a portrait in 6.2 seconds.
A second record was for 384 portraits within 90 minutes.

Gero has created character portraits of such well known figures as Marilyn Monroe, Max Schmeling, Elvis and Louis Armstrong to name but a few.

Gero's work is a highlight for every show. He will draw your guests' portraits within 30 - 90 seconds.

If you are interested in inviting Gero, just send an e-mail ( or contact the Rekord-Klub SAXONIA.

If you want to see Gero in action, you can download a short video (AVI, 630 kB):

Gero Hilliger (JPG, 4 kB)

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