Rekord-Klub SAXONIA Rules

  1. This is a solo event, for opening 1000 letters as fast as possible. The record is for the fastest time to open 1000 closed letters.

  2. The envelopes should be of standard commercial dimensions (minimum 110 mm X 160 mm, maximum 125 mm X 180 mm). They can contain one ore more sheets of paper, but it is not obligatory.

  3. The letter must be opened by hand, without special machines. The tool for opening can be a knife or anything similar (screwdriver etc.)

  4. Opened letters MUST NOT be cut into more than one piece. If a letter is not opened correctly, a judge should add an additional letter to the stack of closed letters.

  5. No help is allowed for sorting the envelopes or taking them from a stack.

World Records from 1992 to now

68:12 min. Lothar Stieler (Berlin) 24-05-92  in Berlin (Germany)
41:11 min. Arnd Neßler (Schwedt)   02-09-95  in Schwedt (Germany)
33:56 min. Ralf Laue  (Leipzig)    08-06-96  in Pelhrimov (Czech Republic)
29:03 min. Ralf Laue (Leipzig)     14-07-96  in Flensburg (Germany)

letter opening contest in Schwedt (JPG, 17 kB)

Contest at the Record Festival in Schwedt (2 Sept 1995)

1. Arnd Neßler   41:11 min.
2. Katrin Gläser 45:20 min.
3. Ralf Laue     45:23 min.
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