hula hoop with a tractor tyre (GIF, 32 kB)Roman Schedler-Mister Hoop

Roman Schedler ("Mister Hoop") from Austria is a multiple hula hoop record breaker:

  • He hula-hooped for 71 seconds with a tractor tyre weighting 24 kg (53 lb)
  • He spun a giant hoop (10 m [11 yd] circumference)
  • And he ran 100 m with a hula-hoop in 13.84 sec.
largest hula hoop (GIF, 10 kB)
Video "largest hula hoop" (AVI, 485 kB)

100 m-Lauf mit Hula Hoop (GIF, 9 kB)
Video "running 100 m" (AVI, 1226 kB)

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