No Pain - No Glory“No Pain – No Glory.”

The true story of Paddy Doyle … the world’s fittest athlete. press release

Paddy Doyle is globally recognised as the world’s fittest human being.

The "Emperor of Endurance" has broken a staggering 132 stamina and fitness records around the world - from one-arm press-ups to log-carrying marathons. In the eyes of his many thousands of admirers he's a true legend - a sporting phenomenon. The Birmingham based "super-athlete" has devoted his life to an inextinguishable passion for sport. In the words of his personal coach and lifelong companion, Des Clifton, "Paddy is the master of mental and physical fitness. He eats, drinks and sleeps world records - he's simply amazing." Paddy's life revolves around the next big challenge… and the next big challenge will often take over his life!

"To Survive is to win. That's my motto in life," says Paddy, the former amateur boxing king, who was also a "champion recruit" for the world renowned Parachute Regiment - an army career that saw many incredible highs .. and just as many desperate lows.

But what makes the world's fittest athlete tick? What turns him on and keeps him going? In his new DVD release, "No Pain - No Glory," Paddy Doyle finally reveals all.

In the company of award winning journalist and broadcaster, Malcolm Boyden, he talks of his traumatic past life - how he transformed his world from that of a six-year-old villain growing up in the shadow of Spaghetti Junction … to a sporting great. He outlines his heroic athletic conquests, his hopes for the future - his dearest wishes … and his darkest fears. “No Pain - No Glory" investigates the magnificent mental attitude of the world's undisputed stamina king. He's put under the microscope by those closest to him… and he's put to the test in the most testing of environments.

The DVD also examines Paddy Doyle's shrine - a spit and sawdust gymnasium in the heart of Birmingham, where even the toughest of the tough are reduced to sweat, blood and tears. Some of the world's most famous athletes look up to Paddy Doyle as an amazing example. They all admire him … but they know they can never beat him.

For the first time, this is Paddy Doyle uncovered … “No Pain - No Glory."   -

* You can order your copy of “No Pain - No Glory," priced 14.99, directly from Paddy Doyle.

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