World Records for Coin Snatching

The Rules

  1. The coins are to be placed on the elbow.
  2. All coins must be caught in one snatch and the snatch is to be achieved on a downward beat of the same arm and the coins caught palm down. If not all of the coins which are stacked are caught, the attempt is still valid, but only those which are caught would count. In this instance, the documentation should mention both the number of coins stacked and the number successfully caught.
  3. Once they are ready on the elbow, the coins are not be touched by the hand which is not being used to catch them.
  4. No adhesive of any sort may be used.
  5. The coins to be used must weight at least 10 g (0.35 oz) and have a diameter of at least 2.8 cm. (The records published in the statistics below have been achieved with the old British 10 p coins that have been issued until 1992).
  6. The record is for the greatest number of coins caught in this way.

The Records

The first records in this table were achieved with coins in a single column, which makes the attempt much harder.
Some claims from Canada and the USA did not count for the purpose of this record list, because the used 25 US-Cent coins were too small.
In 1991, the old British 10 p coins were taken out of circulation, Dean Gould's latest record (328) was achieved with new 10 p coins.

Coins Caught Record Breaker Date Dean Gould - World Record Holder for Coin Snatching

World Record Holder
Dean Gould

39 Chris Redford (Great Britain) 26 Sept 1973
60 Dennis Cole (Great Britain) 20 May 1976
62 Andrew Gleed (Great Britain) 22 Sept 1978
70 Andrew Gleed (Great Britain) 16 Feb 1985
78 Dean Gould (Great Britain) 31 May 1985
85 Andrew Gleed (Great Britain) 29 May 1986
92 Andrew Gleed (Great Britain) 15 Sept 1986
132 Dean Gould (Great Britain) 8 Jan 1987
140 Dean Gould (Great Britain) 19 March 1988
151 Andrew Gleed (Great Britain) 26 April 1990
186 Dean Gould (Great Britain) February 1991
217 Andrew Gleed (Great Britain) February 1991
248 Stuart May (Great Britain) 20 March 1991
254 Dean Gould (Great Britain) 12 July 1991
328 Dean Gould (Great Britain) 6 April 1993

The record for a perfect catch (no drops) is 100 coins, by Dean Gould.

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