World Records for Blowing Up Balloons

The Rules

(If you want to break a record that is published in a record book or governed by an international authorithy, there may be other or additional rules. See here for more information.)
  1. This record is for round party balloons. There is a separate category for modelling balloons.
  2. The record is for inflating and tying standard party balloons by mouth.
  3. The record breaker has to blow up and tie off the balloons.
  4. No pumps etc. are allowed.
  5. The inflated balloons must have a minimum diameter of 20 cm.

The Records

Felipe Nascimento (Brazil)
4 February 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brian Jackson (USA)
20 June 2010, Three Forks Harbor, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
Darryl Learie (Canada) VIDEO
read the story behind the record
9 February 2011, City TV Studio at Breakfast Television Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hunter Ewen (USA) VIDEO
10 September 2011, Boulder, Colorado, USA

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