World Records for Push-Ups (Press-Ups)


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Iron Man by Paddy Doyle

Iron Man - The Autobiography by Paddy Doyle who has broken the most records for push-ups in our list (for example 1,500,230 in one year!)

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correct body position for push-ups (GIF, 10 kB)

  1. What counts as a pushup? The palms must be at shoulder-width. The body must remain straight throughout, i.e., no bending at knees or waist. The body must be lowered until at least 90 degree-angle is attained at the elbow and the body is parralel to the ground. The body must then be raised until the arms are straight. This equals one push-up. All pushups should be made on a hard surface. This basic principle applies to all our push-up entries with minor modifications.
  2. To document a record, two videos must be provided: one from the front view, a second one from the side view.
  3. Finger tip: instead of the palm of both hands touching the floor, only the finger tips (including the tip of the thumb) may touch.
  4. One arm: Only one arm may be used and the same arm must be used throughout the attempt. In this attempt the hand is placed flat on the floor.
  5. One finger: Only one finger of one hand may be used. The thumb may not be used. The record is for the number of repetitions; no rest breaks are permitted. The one-finger position must be maintained throughout. The side of the index finger must  not be used as this means other parts of the hand will come in contact with the ground and therefore invalidate the attempt.
correct position for fingertip push-ups: correct position
      for fingertip push-ups

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