Record Breaking Events

SAXONIA Record Festivals

year venue world records record breakers from:
1995 Schwedt, Germany 3 Germany Czech Republic
DETAILS (in German language)
1996 Flensburg, Germany 11 Germany DenmarkUK Switzerland DETAILS (in German language)
1997 Linz, Austria 7 Austria FranceGermany Luxemburg DETAILS
1998 Flensburg, Germany 14 Germany DenmarkUK FranceLuxemburg AustriaSwitzerland DETAILS
1999 not held
2000 Bregenz, Austria 9 Austria GermanyCzech Republic FranceSwitzerland Netherlands DETAILS
2001 Dessau, Germany 4 Germany Czech RepublicPoland DETAILS
2002 Dessau, Germany 3 Germany Czech RepublicUK SwitzerlandLuxemburg
2003, 2004
not held

Leipzig, Germany
not held

Altenburg, Germany
Germany Czech Republic

Logo Impossibility
        Challenger (GIF, 1 kB)Impossibility Challenger Games

Where and when: 20/21 October 2012 in Budapest, Hungary

Record Festival Flensburg, Germany
Information about previous events in 1996 / 1998 / 2000 / 2002 / 2005

Week-End des RecordsWeek-End des Records Pepinster (Belgium)

Logo Klub
      Dobry Den (JPG, 4 kB)Festival of Records, Curiosities and Budvar Beer Pelhrimov (Czech Republic)

Homepage: (mainly in Czech language, does not work with some web browsers)
contact: Agentura "Dobrý den", Hotel Rekrea, Slovanskèho Bratrstvì 1664, 39301 Pelhrimov, Czech Republic, e-mail:

Logo Rebenacq (GIF, 22 kB)Festival des Vieux Mètiers et des Records Rébénacq (France)

Homepage: (in French language)
contact: Richard Oncins, Route de Rébénacq, F-64290 Rébénacq, E-Mail:

Festival des Records La Tour Blanche (France)

contact: Festival des Records La Tour Blanche, Comité des Fêtes La Tour Blanche, Daniel Ponceau, 24320 La Tour Blanche, France

More about the festival 2000 (in French language)
Festival Homepage (in French language)
Report about the Festival 1996

Record Festival Banská Bystrica "BYSTRICA'S HOTTEST" (Slovak Republic)

DETAILS about the Festival 1998 (in English language)
Homepage (in Slovakian language)
contact: SLOVENSKÉ REKORDY, Igor Svítok, Frana Krala 7, 90201 Pezinok, Slovak Republic, E-Mail:

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